Premium quality work for a great low price; specializing in high quality Photoshop Clipping Paths usually in 24 hours or less. Our objective is to eliminate the routine production work which consumes a vast majority of your day, in return, freeing your time for creativity and design.
Clipping Path
Clipping Path, Cut-Out, Background Removal, Masking, Knockout, Isolating, Contour….call it what you like but it is a way to separate your images from their studio backgrounds.
Color Correction masks
Color Correction Masks or Multiple Clipping Paths are used to adjust the color/contrast of different parts of an image. In this, separate clipping paths are made for skin, clothes etc. so that it becomes easy to color correct different parts of an image individually.
Photo Retouching / Manipulation
Photo retouching is used by almost all professional photographers today. It adds that polished, well finished look to enhance a shot that has so much more appeal than the original.
Transparent / Translucent Masking
Translucent Image Masking is very much helpful for isolating translucent images from their backdrop. Photoshop Transparency Masking is used when Clipping Path alone is not possible to isolate transparent images like glass type object from their background.

Why to delegate clipping paths work to ClipandMask?
  • High quality - Hand-made clipping paths for highest results.
  • Experience - Outsource partner of well-known e-shops and e-catalogs.
  • Low costs - Cheaper than doing it yourself.
  • Flexible cost structure - Accurate differentiated estimation of each work order to optimize your costs.
  • Easy - Get rid of routine work and spend your time more efficiently.
  • Extra capacity - Deliver extra work on extensive projects to us.
  • User-friendly client accounts - Tailored for easy and efficient client interaction and simple file upload and management.
  • Fast - Order delivery within 24 hours (Certain Volume Restrictions Apply).
If you would like to know more about our Services, please feel free to send us an email at info@clipandmask.com