Using only the Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool (not the magic wand tool or other software) for our clipping paths; each image is hand-processed by a professional focused on creating perfect clipping paths. Our low prices, high quality and speed add valuable hours and profits to your day. All files are double checked before being returned to you, to ensure the high quality you expect from us.
We offered the following services :-
Why to delegate clipping paths work to ClipandMask?
  • High quality - Hand-made clipping paths for highest results.
  • Experience - Outsource partner of well-known e-shops and e-catalogs.
  • Low costs - Cheaper than doing it yourself.
  • Flexible cost structure - Accurate differentiated estimation of each work order to optimize your costs.
  • Easy - Get rid of routine work and spend your time more efficiently.
  • Extra capacity - Deliver extra work on extensive projects to us.
  • User-friendly client accounts - Tailored for easy and efficient client interaction and simple file upload and management.
  • Fast - Order delivery within 24 hours (Certain Volume Restrictions Apply).

By outsourcing your requirements to ClipandMask you are assured of high quality image masking and clipping. You can now concentrate on other productive tasks with all the benefits of an outsourced service at a lesser cost, faster turn around and quality workmanship. We have more than 11 years of experience and have done more than a million Images already.

Clipping Paths are very resource intensive, especially when dealing with large numbers of images or complex images like jewelry, bikes etc. This is expensive in terms of the time of your skilled pre-press operators and contributes to production studio bottlenecks especially with the huge variation in volume caused by the seasonal demand in retail world like Christmas. Outsourcing the creation of clipping paths to our studio saves you significant time, money and allows your pre-press operators to concentrate their skills on the other demands placed upon the studio.

Image Processing Industry is Skilled Labor intensive in nature. Due to our accessibility to the vast Indian talent pool we have the advantage to cater to your requirements at significantly low prices while maintaining superior quality standards. Our in-house quality testing mechanism assures value addition at the end of each process cycle.
If you would like to know more about our Services, please feel free to send us an email at info@clipandmask.com